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spanish with lingogo:

Practise. Love. Master.

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Short, fun, interactive, dual-language ebooks to practise and use your Spanish


Why do so many Spanish learners love Lingogo?

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For motivation

They key to staying motivated? USING your Spanish. That satisfying 'I did it' moment when you finish your first Lingogo ebook. And the next. And the next...

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For learning in context

Learning through stories allows your brain to link all that theory together practically and to cement knowledge and new vocab long-term.

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For professional human translations

Trust translations lovingly crafted by humans to reflect real, modern, idiom-filled Spanish. We've even gone the extra mile to include bonus translation notes!

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For the audio

Hone your pronunciation by listening and repeating after our native speakers. Break it down sentence by sentence as you read or have a crack at the full audiobook when you're on the go!

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For convenience

Get your Spanish practise kicks in at the time and place that suits you. At home, on the go, camping in the bush, at the back of all staff meetings... the possibilities are endless.

"I love practising my Spanish with Lingogo. It's so easy, I'm more motivated than ever and it's actually fun!"

- Iskra Trenceva, Auckland, New Zealand


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