Hey! Everything looks different.
Yep. We've had a makeover, the theme being 'simplicity'. Everything still works the same it's just presented a little differently. And yes we have smushed our ebooks and audiobooks into one (hence the slight price increase). Email us on hello@littlemouseco.com if you have any feedback or troubles.

Can I get Lingogo in my library?
You sure can. We're rolling Lingogo out in libraries soon for super discounted prices. Make sure your library gets in touch with us on hello@littlemouseco.com so you don't miss out!

Do you have an affiliate marketing programme?
Yep. If your business deals with language learners who might be into Lingogo we'll pay you to let them know about us. Email us on hello@littlemouseco.com for all the details.

A book I bought has disappeared! 
Sorry. That's ruddy annoying. Email us on hello@littlemouseco.com and we'll sort you out straight away.

So, will your books teach me a language? 
Well they could... but Lingogo isn’t meant to replace teachers or language learning apps. It's more like a practising app to be used alongside lessons - providing fun, regular opportunities to practise, use, and build on, all that you're learning.

Can I give you some feedback? 
Yes please! All comments good or bad are welcome. Send it through on hello@littlemouseco.com

When is the next story out?
We'll let you know as soon as we can. The more you tell your mates to buy our books the faster we can produce em!

What languages are your books available in?
At the moment our books are in Spanish with English translations. Watch this space. Te reo Māori, French, German and many more coming soon.

What process do you use for your translations?
Our translations don't match word for word because (even though it would be easier to study) that's not how people speak in Spanish. We work hard with native-speaking professionals to create translations that will give you the greatest understanding of our stories and the way modern Spanish compares to English. Our instructions are pretty much: translate this story into the Spanish you would use to tell it to your Spanish mates. And just in case you get lost we've gone ahead and included literal translations for every word from Google Translate. Comparing the two is always an interesting exercise!

Can I purchase a subscription?
Soon! We're just working out a few kinks but subscriptions will be back in action asap.

What do I do if I’m having technical troubles with Lingogo? 
Contact us right away on hello@littlemouseco.com or through social media and we’ll help you out.

Do you work with charities or not-for-profits? 
We will be soon! Check out our ‘not-for profit freebies’ page and follow us on social media for announcements. 

Can I use Lingogo on a computer? 
Not just yet but we're working on it. Keep an eye on this page and our social media for announcements. 

All my books are starting to take up too much room on my device, what can I do? 
For iOS devices tap the cog in the top right hand corner of your app and choose 'remove issues'. Don't worry, this just means you're removing them from your phone. They will disappear from 'My Downloads' but remain under 'My Purchases' so you can don't need to pay to get them back again. For android devices the 'Remove issues' button in your 'Shop' works the same way.

What level do I need to be to enjoy Lingogo?
Lingogo will boost your Spanish no matter what level you are. Just work at your own pace. Beginners should take it slow, get to know the story in English well and then use the pop ups to work your way through multiple times. Advanced learners might breeze through on first read and go straight to the experts listening section.