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Check out our 'schools collection' curated specifically to get students 13+ motivated, engaged, practising and enjoying their target language.

  • 80+ hours of practise material suitable for all levels (and we’re constantly adding more to the shelf)
  • comes with teacher notes, class & homework activities

  • access includes school devices and student’s personal devices

  • stunning posters for easy implementation with login instructions

  • includes ongoing technical support for all teacher and student queries

  • the perfect tool to introduce SSR and encourage independent learning

Once you've made your purchase we'll have you all set up within a few days. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Ebooks currently available in Spanish. 
Māori, German, French and more languages coming soon.

If you want to pay by invoice or purchase order,
or if you have questions or feedback, contact us. 

Email or call Lizzie on +64 22 102 9362.

You can find further information about our school subscriptions in our FAQs.

* Lingogo works on iPhones, iPads, android phones and tablets.