Our stories are written specifically to keep language learners practising, enjoying, and improving in their target language.

It's a fine art of mashing up useful vocab and grammar from teaching curriculums with modern slang and genuinely entertaining storylines. The results? A colourful mix of crime / mystery /comedies with signature Lingogo quirk!

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Part 2 of the ZEBRA series finds our agents in Australia doing what they do best – making everything complicated. This time they've been sent to gather evidence about a suspected drug-runner who preys on young travellers. It should have been easy. But things get in the way. Things they'd rather not admit to. Things like... feelings.

Just as fun as the first Zebra series. In fact, maybe even funner.

1,438 words. Advanced level.



Meet the stars of our new 'ZEBRA' series - the most unlikely of secret agent duos. She speaks more than thirty languages. He is an IT genius loved by women all over the world. Both are terrible at following instructions. Can they save a fellow undercover agent from a dangerous situation? Not without somewhat ridiculous amounts of drama.

This is a super fun new series. We've thrown in humour, action, mystery, crime and even a bit of a budding romance for good measure. 

1,082 words. Advanced level.



Flynn wants to be a serious crime reporter. When her boss tells her to cover a boring story about an old artist she's annoyed. But when the interview doesn't go quite as expected Flynn realises she might just get her crime story after all.

Perfect for adults after a good (slightly dark) mystery. Not so good for the kids or the faint-hearted. There is a wee bit of adult language sprinkled in there too. What can I say? We like to mix it up.

At 1,829 words this one's a bit longer than our usuals, which means more bang for your buck!



Marta knows that Leon loves mornings and Leon knows that Marta likes to sleep late. They know almost everything about each other, except for one thing... Marta doesn't know about the girl. Well. Today's the day she's going to find out.

Our first Lingogo story and an absolute classic.

1,173 words. Advanced level due to length but with fairly simple, easy language. A great book to start with.

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