A Lingogo story is fine balance of useful vocab and grammar, modern slang and genuinely entertaining storylines. The results? A colourful mix of crime/mystery/comedies with signature Lingogo quirk!


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Marta knows that Leon loves mornings and Leon knows that Marta likes to sleep late. They know almost everything about each other, except for one thing... Marta doesn't know about the girl. Well. Today's the day she's going to find out.

1,281 words. Advanced level though it has good simple language. Our first Lingogo story and an absolute classic. A total crowd pleaser, loved by all. Start your advanced level stories here!


soy flynn / i'm flynn

Flynn & Jup series. Book 1.

Get acquainted with Flynn and Jup. To kick off the series Flynn touches on the origin of her name and the difficulties of being a reporter in a town where nothing much happens (yep, this is to become a running theme). She and Jup attend a fundraising event and get a surprise - it's not as boring as they thought it would be. Quite the opposite actually.

You won't be sorry you started this series. 415 words. Intermediate level. Warning - some (very light) references to illicit substances.


tengo gps / i have gps

Flynn & Jup series. Book 2.

Flynn and Jup are going to a music festival in the country. Jup is very proud of his new GPS but Flynn prefers old school maps. It looks like they're going to have another argument when a stranger steps in to save the day. But of course it's not as simple as that. Jup and Flynn are about to find out that things work differently in the country.

A short, entertaining story. Watch for the twist at the end. 567 words. Intermediate level - mostly present tense.


Todo lo que sube / what goes up

Flynn & Jup series. Book 3.

When the Fire Brigade gets diverted on their way to rescue a tame bird that's flown into a tree, the local people step in and try to help. Why does Sam, the council-man, particularly want to be the rescuer? The situation becomes more ridiculous and Flynn gets some words of wisdom from the Fire Chief for her article.

A charming tale that will make you want to move to a small town. Or not. 824 words. Intermediate level. Clear and slow-paced audio.


Enseñando a Sam / educating sam

Flynn & Jup series. Book 4.

Romance is in the air as Jup decides to do some match-making at the local ball and ropes Flynn in to help. It's all hard work for Flynn who doesn't have any romantic inclinations or interests. The situation can only lead to disagreements - but who is that masterful and smooth character on the dance floor? Surely it's not our awkward, annoying young Jup?!

It's a most unromantic romance. 883 words. Intermediate level.


Viejas rencillas / an old war

Flynn & Jup series. Book 5. 

The local school sports day is a big community event. The whole village turns up to enjoy it, but Flynn discovers that behind the fun, laughter, and picnics there's a dark streak of competitiveness. And it's not between the children. When her sister insists that Flynn upholds the family honour she finds that she has to give a bit more than she expected to. Maybe even her dignity.

An introduction to Flynn's crazy family. 729 words. Intermediate level.



Flynn & Jup series. Book 6.

Flynn's boss's daughter goes missing and the team go searching for her. Has something terrible finally happened in Flynn's sleepy town!? She always wanted to report on a serious story, but not now, not like this, not about Allie.

A real shake up for our favourite small town. 631 words. Intermediate level.


La cámara no engaña / the camera doesn't lie

Flynn & Jup series. Book 7.

Old Edith has always been like a mother to Jup. She has a couple of strange habits (don't we all?), but they don't bother anyone. When she has a special birthday he wants to give her a thoughtful gift to show his love and respect. When things don't turn out quite as planned, Flynn is surprisingly impressed by Jup's actions.

Love knows no bounds. 675 words. Intermediate level. Lots of useful expressions.


La mejor comida del mundo / the best food in the world

Flynn & Jup series. Book 8.

Jup and Flynn are given a special assignment when a top chef opens a new restaurant in town. The chef just happens to be Jup's hero and Jup can't wait to meet him. Could this be the beginning of a new career as a food photographer?

Best enjoyed with nibbles and a glass of something. 832 words. Intermediate level. Clear and slow-paced audio.


Un día en el juzgado / a day in court

Flynn & Jup series. Book 9.

The boss finally lets Flynn do some serious reporting. He sends her to court for a day. The first case up is very interesting and has all the makings of a good article. It has robbery, disturbances on the street, driving offences and more! But it soon becomes apparent that Flynn is going to have to deal with some personal business before she can write the article...

A fun and fast moving story. 579 words. Intermediate level. Clear and slow paced audio.


El panadero feliz / the happy baker

Flynn & Jup series. Book 10.

Joe the baker has been gambling again and this time he could lose his business. This is one story Flynn hopes she'll never have to print.

A tidy wee yarn that will have you falling in love with Flynn's town all over again. 689 words. Intermediate level. Present tense with clear and slow paced audio.


Un pueblo amable / a friendly town

Jup's Uncle, Toby, is larger than life and loves to tell a good story. Flynn's complaining about the lack of crime to report on in their town. Toby explains why he loves the place and his job as a real estate agent with a rather surprising tale.

A good ol' yarn to take you back to the days when you borrowed sugar from your neighbours. 709 words. Intermediate level. Clear and slow paced audio.


la artista / the artist

Flynn & Jup series. Book 12. 

Flynn wants to be a serious crime reporter. When her boss tells her to cover a boring story about an old artist she's annoyed. But when the interview doesn't go quite as expected Flynn realises she might just get her crime story after all.

At 1,829 words this one's a bit longer than our usuals, which means more bang for your buck! Advanced level. Perfect for adults after a good (slightly dark) mystery. Not so good for the kids or the faint-hearted. There is a wee bit of adult language sprinkled in there too. What can I say? We like to mix it up.


Dos filetes / two steaks

Supermarket series. Book 1.

A woman tries to buy steak and gets unexpected advice from her butcher. The start of a beautiful (and handy) relationship.

97 words. Beginner level. Part of our 'Quick Fix' series - bite sized stories for busy days.


La tarta del carnicero / the butcher's cake

Supermarket series. Book 2. 

Why would you ask a butcher about baking a cake? Because this butcher knows everything.

It's much more fun to read about this supermarket trip than do your own (and you'll learn more). 116 words. Beginner level. Part of our 'Quick Fix' series - bite sized stories for busy days.


La pasta perfecta / the perfect pasta

Supermarket series. Book 3. 

This butcher gives the best advice - not just about meat but also about psychology. He's a problem-solver extraordinaire. It'll change your cooking life.

83 words. Beginner. Part of our 'Quick Fix' series - bite sized stories for busy days.


El viento alborotándome el pelo / the wind in my hair

Henry and his wife Elisabeth are finally taking the trip to Paris they've planned for most of their married life. It's a dream come true, though admittedly not exactly as they imagined all those years ago. They're older now and they're facing challenges they hadn't foreseen. But that's not about to stop them enjoying every minute of their trip. Nor from doing it in style.

This story reminds us not to wait too long to chase our dreams. 498 words. Intermediate level.



ZEBRA series. Book 1. 

Meet the stars of our new 'ZEBRA' series - the most unlikely of secret agent duos. She speaks more than thirty languages. He is an IT genius loved by women all over the world. Both are terrible at following instructions. Can they save a fellow undercover agent from a dangerous situation? Not without somewhat ridiculous amounts of drama.

This is a super fun new series. We've thrown in humour, action, mystery, crime and even a bit of a budding romance for good measure. 

1,082 words. Advanced level.


El canguro relajado / the chilled kangaroo

ZEBRA series. Book 2. 

The ZEBRA agents are in Australia doing what they do best – making everything complicated. This time they've been sent to gather evidence about a suspected drug-runner who preys on young travellers. It should have been easy. But things get in the way. Things they'd rather not admit to. Things like... feelings.

Just as much fun as the first Zebra book. In fact, maybe even more. 1,438 words. Advanced level.


Te Veré en bali / see you in bali

ZEBRA series. Book 3. 

Our agents are in trouble. The job in Australia is over - or is it? Just when Zoran thinks everything has gone well they manage to do the unexpected again. Danger is lurking. Together they can face anything but what if they're apart?

Get to know our agent duo much better in this revealing story. 1255 words. Advanced level.


El sitio correcto / the right place

A story from the Maori culture of New Zealand. This one's about the importance of place and the imbalances that can happen when things and people are out of position. Tihei mauri ora!

446 words. Intermediate level.Mostly past tenses.


¿Tienes mucho lío? / are you busy

Office series. Book 1. 

Karen's busy but Jess has a problem that everyone else in the office wants to help solve. If you work in an office we bet you'll be able to relate to this.

106 words. Beginner. Part of our 'Quick Fix' series - bite sized stories for busy days.


Adelantar / get ahead

Office series. Book 2. 

When Alice starts being super-efficient her boss wants to know why. Sometimes being a workaholic can be a good thing.

116 words. Beginner level. Part of our 'Quick Fix' series - bite sized stories for busy days.


Por fin es viernes / thank god it's friday

Office series. Book 3.

Cindy realises she has misjudged a colleague. Don't judge a book by its cover folks and remember there is life outside the office!

103 words. Beginner level. Part of our 'Quick Fix' series - bite sized stories for busy days.


Un acompañante misterioso / a mystery guest

Waiting Tables series. Book 1.

Charlie is a terrible waitress who spends more time telling stories to the kitchen staff than taking orders. When a regular customer who always dines alone invites a mystery guest to dinner she takes the opportunity to inject a little drama into an otherwise boring shift. Can she find out the truth about the mystery guest? And can she keep her job while she's investigating this unusual event?

Meet the irrepressible Charlie with her never ending optimism and imagination. She'll light up your day. 1191 words. Advanced level.


Chuleta, espaguetis y un secreto / steak, spaghetti and a secret

Waiting Tables series. Book 2. 

Charlie overhears a conversation and is convinced that John and Bruce are going to commit a crime. But who's going to believe her when she's known for making up stories? Charlie might be on her own with this one. Is Charlie onto something? Cast your votes!

933 words. Advanced Level. Some vocabulary is a little colourful but that's how tough guys speak!


El último turno / the final shift

Waiting Tables series. Book 3.

Her colleagues aren't convinced but Charlie firmly believes two customers are planning a crime. She bravely decides to take matters into her own hands to save an innocent victim. But has she jumped the gun? Charlie enthusiastically follows her instincts again and might just have found herself a new career.

1150 words. Advanced Level. These stories contain a mix of familiar and unfamiliar vocabulary which is perfect for learning with both the human translation and the google word by word translations at your fingertips.


La escapada surfera / the surf trip

Every year this group of good friends meet for a surf trip. They've been coming to Jasper Point since they were young. These days they all have families and adult responsibilities but, other than being a little slower to their feet, not much else has changed. Life's good at the beach until a shadow crosses their path but good friends stick together.

Slap on the sunscreen and lie in the sun with this one. 1586 words. Advanced level.


Llegamos tarde a comer / late for lunch

Couple series. Book 1. 

Skye's stressed about being late for lunch but Nick has something else on his mind. She wasn't expecting that! About as lovey dovey as we get.

102 words. Beginner level. Part of our 'Quick Fix' series - bite sized stories for busy days.

Noche de viernes / friday night

Couple series. Book 2.

 Here's some useful food vocabulary for those times when you want fast food but can't make up your mind what you want. Tell me someone else has had a Friday night like this?!

58 words. Beginner level. Part of our 'Quick Fix' series - bite sized stories for busy days.


Una peli de miedo / scary movie

Couple series. Book 3.  

What happens when one of you is terrified of a scary movie and the other is loving it? A classic couple's dilemma. This happens to everyone... right???

89 words. Beginner level. Part of our 'Quick Fix' series - bite sized stories for busy days.


El telediario / the news

Couple series. Book 4. 

A man watches stories on the news that are better suited to a gossip magazine. His wife attempts to take the moral high ground... although it could be a little hypocritical.

102 words. Beginner level. Part of our 'Quick Fix' series - bite sized stories for busy days.


Los regalos de Navidad / the christmas presents

Christmas is a time for joy and peace. Gavin is determined to make this one to remember after last year's disaster. However, the best laid plans don't always work out and Gavin's last minute change of mind threatens to ruin the holiday for his family. Again.

A bumper read for the Christmas break - take it to the beach or curl up by the fire. 2894 words. Advanced level.


La nevera vacía / the empty fridge

Flat series. Book 1.

The eternal flatmate problem - who ate my lunch!? Might be a good idea to do the grocery shopping BEFORE reading this one to ensure full focus.

98 words. Beginner level. Part of our 'Quick Fix' series - bite sized stories for busy days.


Como los chorros del oro / clean and tidy

Flat series. Book 2.

Peter tries to make amends for being a terrible flatmate. Will Jen appreciate his good intentions? Flat sharing? This series is built for you to let the angst out. Enjoy.

97 words. Beginner. Part of our 'Quick Fix' series - bite sized stories for busy days.


La mudanza / moving on

Flat series. Book 3.

It's time for the flatmates to have a frank conversation. Do all good things have to come to an end?

84 words. Beginner level. Part of our 'Quick Fix' series - bite sized stories for busy days.


la paz / peace

Two old friends are discovered deceased at home. As news spreads, the people from a small island community are racked with guilt for not having kept a closer eye on them. Banding together, they turn up in droves for the funeral. Why is the local priest so upset after the service? A story about finding peace on the way out.

409 words. Intermediate level. Upper end intermediate, likely to introduce some new and interesting vocabulary.


Hotel Paraíso / hotel paradise

Taxi series. Book 1.

A nervous passenger panics and won't let the taxi driver get a word in. We all know someone like this.

151 words. Beginner level. Part of our 'Quick Fix' series - bite sized stories for busy days.

Mi mujer se ha puesto de parto / my wife is having a baby

Taxi series. Book 2.

 A kind-hearted taxi driver helps out a desperate man after his shift has ended. Next time you're in Madrid, your wife is having a baby and you're flagging down a taxi you'll be so glad you read this. And if that seems entirely unlikely... well at the very least it's good entertainment for a practise session.

129 words. Beginner level. Part of our 'Quick Fix' series - bite sized stories for busy days.


los rosales / the rose gardens

Taxi series. Book 3 .

A demanding passenger causes a polite taxi driver to be very frank.

A good chuckle. 101 words. Beginner level. Part of our 'Quick Fix' series - bite sized stories for busy days.


freddy steven de dunedin / freddy steven from dunedin

Set in small town, New Zealand many years ago. A famous jockey maintains high spirits as his health fails. He manages to play one final trick on his old friend, the local priest. The local community gladly helps out with hilarious results. Based on a true story. Touching and playful.

798 words. Advanced level. A more challenging read with some context-specific vocabulary.

Viaje en bicitaxi / rickshaw ride

Travel series. Book 1. 

Cam goes sight-seeing in Delhi but has a hard time reaching his destination. The best travel experiences always happen outside the museums and tourist attractions anyway, right?

103 words. Beginner level. Part of our 'Quick Fix' series - bite sized stories for busy days.


Precios de temporada / seasonal rates

Travel series. Book 2. 

Cam tries to give a logical reason for getting a discount on accommodation. Can't blame a guy for trying.

83 words. Beginner level. Part of our 'Quick Fix' series - bite sized stories for busy days.


La isla simpática / the friendly island

Travel series. Book 3. 

Cam and his girlfriend are enjoying a lovely holiday in Mykonos - but are they enjoying the same things? Read this then plan your trip.

96 words. Beginner level. Part of our 'Quick Fix' series - bite sized stories for busy days.


dos lassis de mango / two mango lassis

Travel series. Book 4. 

Our travellers want to buy a refreshing drink but the vendor wants them to provide proof of identity. What's that all about? To be read in hot weather. Or in lots of layers.

129 words. Beginner level. Part of our 'Quick Fix' series - bite sized stories for busy days.


La oficina del director / the principal's office

Missing school and handing in assignments late can only lead to one thing - a meeting with the principal. Milly and Josh are in trouble and they want to explain, but as they well know, the principal has no time for excuses. Cast your mind back to highschool days. Ahhh the lack of responsibility, the holidays,... the school work, the social pressures... OK, we're ready to come back to reality now!

579 words. Intermediate level. Present tense with clear and slow paced audio.


Alegría navideña / christmas cheer

Set during the 1930s in Wellington, New Zealand. Young Peter's brothers are home from the army for Christmas and there's a general sense of merriment all around. Amid the teasing and practical jokes Peter delivers a gift for the milkman and realises that it's a good thing that he has a responsible horse to do the deliveries.

An old-school Kiwi Christmas. 496 words. Intermediate level. Introduces vocabulary and concepts specific to the historical time of the story.

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