That’s me Lizzie Dunn, my mum Shelley Dunn, and our mate Han Craig. We’re on a mission to help more people get more fluent in more languages because:

#1 It’s a pathway to world peace.

We believe that understanding a language is one of the best ways to understand a culture which breeds good things like respect, co-operation, and celebration of difference and gives the middle finger to fear-mongering, exclusivity, and encouraged ignorance.

Mum and I are Austrian-Jewish so this one rings loudly for us. We’re also Māori which ignites our passion for language revitalisation. I can’t leave out my English, Irish, & Rarotongan sides or influence from my German and Brazilian in-laws. Let’s just say Sunday dinners with the whānau are a constant source of inspiration!

#2 It’s FUN and makes you feel good.  

We’re not big fans of the stock-standard, rat-racey, daily grind. Hence why we’ve risked our careers and savings to create this company (gulp).

It’s also why we learn languages. I love how learning Māori makes me feel closer to my roots. Mum loves the academic challenge of Spanish and getting totally caught up in a way of life so different to her own. Han’s living in Berlin and loves how her growing fluency makes the city feel more like home. Throw in the scientific benefits of life-long learning and you’re onto a winner!

As avid language learners we know how hard the journey to fluency can be. We also know how amazing reading and listening to great stories is for progress! When we couldn’t find the stories we wanted to read, we decided to make them ourselves. We busted out some no.8 wire (that’s a Kiwi thing), threw in some seriously helpful interactivity, and released Lingogo on the platforms we use every day. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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