Three ways to stay motivated for language learning (that you haven't heard before)

Here at Lingogo we know the hardest part of learning any language is keeping your motivation levels up. That’s why we pump out a Lingogo Story for you every month. It’s also why I wrote this list.


* this list can be applied to language learning, business building, burger eating contests and other similar goals.

** will only work for personalities like my own. Possible harmful effects for other personalities.

1. Listen to someone who doesn’t believe in you.

Sometimes your own reasons for learning a language aren’t enough. They make sense. The intentions are great. But they just don’t keep you from choosing Netflix on a Thursday night over your workbook. 

In times like this I’ve found having someone to prove wrong is extremely valuable. Subject yourself to regular conversations with this person and every time you meander from the path just imagine their ‘knew you couldn’t’ face. Probably not the healthiest mental approach but a sure-fire way to keep the flame burning.

2. Don’t tell anyone you’re learning a language

Most people think that telling someone your goal will increase your commitment to it. However, I’ve found that it does exactly the opposite. 

When we tell people our goals we often get a positive reaction. Comments like: ’Wow, good on you!’. This makes us feel good. Soon we’re walking around on cloud nine with a bunch of people patting us on the back for our amazing goal-setting. Already we feel like we must be well on the road to success - just listen to all that positive endorsement!

Reality check - you haven’t picked up your German book since November last year and it’s become a bedside coaster. 

Try to resist the pay outs that come from telling your peers about your lofty ambitions. It can distract you from the task at hand.

3. Follow Carissa Moore on social media

Carissa Moore is my favourite surfer. I’m obsessed with her. Think of those clips of eleven year old girls crying when Justin Bieber walks past them. That = me re; Carissa Moore.

I follow her on social media because seeing her achieve awesome things challenges me. And - importantly - it challenges me while I'm slacking off on facebook. 

Of course you can choose anyone who inspires you. Taylor Swift, Richie McCaw and the Dalai Lama are all fine substitutes.

Embrace the guilt that comes when you see your idol making the world a better place while you're doing... well... you're just scrolling mindlessly through instagram really. Log out and get back to the flash cards.

Yes, this technique does put your life in harsh perspective. That’s the point.

While we're talking about surfing... we’re going on a Lingogo World Tour! 

Locations include England, France, Portugal, Spain and a number of locations throughout Central America. We’re super excited to meet more language learners, especially because we’re now also available on android.

We’ll update you on the tour and our next #Lingogo Challenge on the 1st of June when ‘Joe’s Good Deed’ hits the shelf.

Until then, try out my motivation tips! I’d love to know if they work for you and if you have any other go-to techniques.

Check in soon.


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