We're all go!

‘Leon’ is out for free. ‘The Artist’ is available for less than the price of a good coffee. 3 month, 6 month and 12 month subscriptions are available at super saver prices. We have advertisers on board (thanks for your support - NZTC, Break Into English, City Sales, Spanish in Rosario, Escuela Falcon and Accent Francais!). Media are writing about us. You guys are asking us for more languages. Downloads are well over 700 and climbing every day… and we haven’t even started advertising or launched on android yet!

Working HARD on android files right now, looking for more advertisers for upcoming stories and finishing off our May Lingogo Story ‘Joe’s Good Deed’. This one is light and fluffy - we thought you might need it after April’s ‘The Artist’! All while trying to keep up with our own language learning; Maori for Lizzie, Spanish for Shelley and French for Han.

So yeah, we’re way busy, and this is a lame excuse for a blog post but if you have read the above hopefully you'll understand why.

We’re continuing with the same #LingogoChallenge we ran in March this month to give you guys some time to get into it. So go on - grab a mate who is learning the same language as you. Sit down and have a conversation for as long as you can without reverting to your native language. Dishing punishments for the loser is great motivation! Take a pic or video to document your efforts and throw it up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #LingogoChallenge. We'll pick our fav for a free Lingogo Story!

Last but not least I want to send out a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to all of our early supporters (if you're reading this right now, this means you). As I mentioned before so far we've relied solely on word of mouth to get the Lingogo word out, so every like, follow, share, comment and email you've sent us is hugely appreciated and enjoyed by the team (we especially like the new 'love' reaction on facebook). We're working our darndest to become huge soon so you guys can totally gloat that you were on the Lingogo bandwagon before everyone else. 

Next month we're bringing a new #LingogoChallenge and a funner blog post.

Till then - heapsa love!

Liz, Shelley and Han

Hannah CraigComment