Lingogo (the app)

What is Lingogo and how do I get it?
Lingogo is a digital bookshelf app for language learners stocked with fun, interactive, dual language ebooks. The app itself is available to download for free on the Apple app store and Google play store. Once downloaded you'll find a free demo book so you can have a wee nosey before spending any moolah. To unlock more ebooks purchase them one by one through your app store account, subscribe to the full collection through our website, or subscribe through your app store account. Lingogo works on all iPhones, iPads, android phones and tablets.

Can I use Lingogo on a computer? 
Not just yet but we're working on it. Keep an eye on this page and our social media for announcements. 

What level do I need to be to enjoy Lingogo?
Lingogo will boost your Spanish no matter what level you are. Just work at your own pace. Beginners should take it slow, get to know the story in English well and then use the pop ups to work your way through multiple times. Advanced learners might breeze through on first read and go straight to the experts listening section. Our ebooks are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels as general guidelines based on their length and complexity, but because you can always find the English, anyone can really read anything!

the ebooks

Where can I find a catalogue of your stories?
Just click right here amigo.

So, will your books teach me a language? 
Well they could... but Lingogo isn’t meant to replace teachers or language learning apps. It's a practising app to be used alongside lessons - providing fun, regular opportunities to practise, use, and build on, all that you're learning.

How do your interactive ebooks work?
Lingogo ebooks are a new take on the old physical dual-language book. Stories are initially presented in Spanish. However, you can simply tap any sentence and its English (human-made) translation will pop up. From this pop up you can tap to listen to the sentence being read aloud by a native speaker, to find out more information in translation notes, and to look any single word up on Google Translate. We advise readers to rely heavily on the English to start and to gradually wean off as they read their book multiple times. When you're feeling confident you can try our 'Extras for Experts' area where you can listen to the full story in Spanish either on-the-go or while following along with our special scrolling text. When you finish your story we'll reward you with a beautiful free 'screenie' - a screensaver for your phone with our favourite Spanish sentence from the story you've just read.

How long are Lingogo ebooks? 
Our ebooks range from about 50 words in our 'quick fix' range for beginners to around 3,500 words in our more advanced stories. They're not supposed to be super long reads, they're short and sweet to keep your motivation fresh.

When is the next story out?
We'll let you know as soon as we can. The more you tell your mates to buy our books the faster we can produce em!

school subscriptions

Can I get Lingogo in my school library?
You sure can. Purchase a subscription for your school here.

How do school subscriptions work?
Once you've purchased a subscription through our website we'll set up a unique code for your school to use to log in to Lingogo and access the school collection. We'll then email you everything you need to get set up. This includes: your login code, a 'how to set Lingogo up in your school' document, posters for your class and library with log in instructions, a school catalogue with teacher notes and an extra document with class and homework activities.

If you have any problems setting Lingogo up we're happy to help by email (hello@littlemouseco.com), phone (+644 22 102 9362) or in person if it's possible. We're also happy to send you physical copies of the documents listed above if you require them. The set up process generally takes 1-2 days.

How do we use our school code?
First download the Lingogo app free from the Apple or Google Play app stores. Navigate to the menu, choose 'My Account' and enter your school code in the space provided. Hey presto! Our school collection books will instantly appear as free to download. Easy as pie.

Will my school subscription auto-renew?
No, we'll contact you before your subscription expires to see whether you'd like to sign on for another year. 

How do I get help with my school subscription?
Email us, we'd love to help out: hello@littlemouseco.com

languages & availability

Do the books come in any language other than Spanish?
Not at the moment but Māori, French and German are on the way and we're lining more languages up as fast as we can. Let us know which language you want to see first by emailing us on hello@littlemouseco.com.

our translations

What process do you use for your translations?
Our translations don't match word for word because (even though it would be easier to study) that's not how people speak in Spanish. We work hard with native-speaking professionals to create translations that will give you the greatest understanding of our stories and the way modern Spanish compares to English. Our instructions are pretty much: translate this story into the Spanish you would use to tell it to your Spanish mates. When something is super interesting or subjective we've included translation notes to explain. Just in case you get lost we've also gone ahead and included literal translations for every word from Google Translate. Comparing the two is always an interesting exercise!


OK, how do I purchase your ebooks? 
The best way is through an annual or six month supersaver subscription. This gives you access to every book we've already published PLUS anything else we publish during your subscription period. You can purchase your subscription through our website here. You can also subscribe through your Apple app store or Google Play store account. Just download the app free, and navigate to the 'shop'. You'll see you can also purchase individual issues this way. You can also purchase school subscriptions at hectically good group discount rates here.


A book I bought has disappeared! 
Sorry. That's super annoying. From the main shop screen hit the cog image and then the 'missing issues' button and a refresh should bring it back. If that doesn't work email us on hello@littlemouseco.com and we'll sort you out straight away.

All my books are starting to take up too much room on my device, what can I do? 
For iOS devices tap the cog in the top right hand corner of your app and choose 'remove issues'. Don't worry, this just means you're removing them from your phone. They will disappear from 'My Downloads' but remain under 'My Purchases' so you can don't need to pay to get them back again. For android devices the 'Remove issues' button in your 'Shop' works the same way.

What do I do if I’m having technical troubles with Lingogo? 
Contact us right away on hello@littlemouseco.com or through social media and we’ll help you out.

feedback & CONTACT

Can I give you some feedback? 
Yes please! All comments good or bad are welcome. Send it through on hello@littlemouseco.com. We'd also LOVE for you to rate and review the app through the app stores.

affiliates & partnerships

Do you have an affiliate marketing programme?
Yep. If your business deals with language learners who might be into Lingogo get in touch. Email us on hello@littlemouseco.com for all the details.

Do you work with charities or not-for-profits? 
We want to! If you work with or know a charity that would benefit from access to Lingogo please get in touch by emailing us on hello@littlemouseco.com.