Dual-language ebooks so fun you’ll forget you’re learning.

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Anyone can learn a language.
We only fail when we stop enjoying the process.

  • Does language learning sometimes feel like a chore?

  • Does a session at the end of a hard day’s work just feel like more hard work?

  • Do you struggle to prioritise language learning on top of everything else you’re juggling?

  • Do you feel stuck at a plateau, like you’ve hit a wall, or even that you’re going backwards?

  • Do you suffer mental blocks when it comes to language learning?

  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the language learning process?

Do you WANT help to make learning fun again?

Yahuh, teachers, we do high-school subscriptions too!


Lingogo isn’t some sexy, gamified quick-fix. It’s simple pedagogical logic:

If you sustainably enjoy the language learning process, it’s impossible to fail.

Our dual-language ebooks will entertain the socks off ya for life. Sorted.

Here’s the science. Here’s the proof.

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Original stories you'll love

Forget children's stories and yarns chosen just because they're out of copyright. Our short simple stories are written specifically to entertain adults with mystery, humour, and unique Lingogo quirk.

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New vocab learned in context

Learning through stories allows your brain to link all that theory together practically and to cement knowledge and new vocab long-term.

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Quality human translations

Trust translations lovingly crafted by humans to reflect your real, modern, idiom-filled target language. We've even gone the extra mile to include bonus translation notes!

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Native-speaker narration

Hone your pronunciation by listening to and imitating our native speakers. Break it down sentence by sentence as you read or have a crack at the full audiobook when you're on the go!

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Get your kicks in at the time and place that suits you. At home, on the go, camping in the bush, at the back of all staff meetings... the possibilities are endless.

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Fun freebies

Earn unique, beautiful phone screenies in your target language every time you finish an ebook. Sign up to our Lingogo Club newsletter for the latest and greatest in language learning news straight to your inbox.

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Newfound Motivation

They key to staying motivated? USING your target language. That satisfying 'I did it' moment when you finish your first Lingogo ebook. And the next. And the next...

"I use Duolingo to learn new vocab but it can get frustrating on it’s own. Lingogo helps me to see my progress and that makes me feel proud. I'm progressing way quicker now."

"I've always found dual-language books help with my learning but the stories are a chore. Stoked to find something entertaining. 'Soy Flynn' had me in stitches!"

"I’ve tried to learn Spanish so many times I’ve lost count. I just found it so painful! Lingogo is the only thing that makes me stick to my guns because I actually get a kick out of it."


Lingogo is available for iPhones, iPads, android phones and tablets.

our books ARE in spanish with english subtitles. french, german and mĀORI COMING SUPER SOON.