Partner Discounts

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Want a 10% discount for your language learning community? As long as you have 20+ members we'll hook you right up. 

All you have to do is contact us. Tell us you're keen to partner and we'll send your code and instructions.

If you'd like to earn a cut every time that code is used - have a squiz below.

The Lingogo Affiliate Programme

Every time you tell someone about Lingogo you're doing us (and them) a favour. So we figure it's only fair to pay you for it. Here's how it works:

#1 We'll set you up with a 10% discount code and everything you need to tell your community about it.

#2 Spread the word. Your own way in your own time. We can help.

#3 Every time someone uses your code you'll earn 20% of that net sale. We use professional and trustworthy third party software to track your commission (you can test it before we start). 

#4 Use our software to watch your commission $ stack up, collect your monthly pay-out and put it toward something amazing! Like a holiday in Spain.

The fine print: Our minimum payment threshold is NZD$100. You can cancel our partnership any time for any reason and we'll pay you all that you're owed. For more details click here.  

For more information contact us:

Organisations We Work With

Lingogo is the perfect companion to any learning programme so we work well with language schools, individual tutors, educational publishers, book shops, language learning apps and softwares.

We also love working with bloggers, youtubers, podcasters and whatever the new fandangled social media channel is sters. Don't be a stranger.