Get fluent by reading and listening to really good stories


Get Fluent

by reading and listening to really good stories.


Proven by leading research as the best way to get fluent.

Interactive, human-crafted translations.

High-energy, native-speaker narrations.

Fun, unique stories for language learners of all levels



Unsure what the best way to get fluent is ?

  • Putting time, money, and effort into a language learning routine but not seeing the results?

  • Overwhelmed by the number of apps and lessons on offer?

  • Making some progress and keen to accelerate faster?


Studies show that reading and listening for pleasure is hands-down the best way to acquire a new language.

Don’t waste any more time, money, and effort on a language learning routine that just isn’t going to work.


How does Lingogo work?

We’re constantly uploading fresh stories to the Lingogo library.
Each comes with interactive tools to help you read and listen in your target language.


Stories appear in your target language.


Tap any sentence for interactive translations and audio.


Enjoy lasting fluency gains every time you read and listen.



Why does Lingogo work?

Lingogo is based on Professor Stephen Krashen’s world-leading theories of second language acquisition and comprehensible input.


 What doesn’t work

  • Focussing on language learning (consciously learning grammar and rules).

  • Boring content and structured dialogues.

  • Stressful learning environments.

  • Memorisation, grammar drills, flash cards, text books.

What works

  • Focussing on language acquisition (picking up a language through meaningful interactions).

  • Entertaining stories.

  • Anxiety-free learning environments.

  • Comprehensible input with some challenges