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Lingogo stories are available free via podcast! We’re kicking things off with our brand spanking new ‘Ana series’ in te reo Māori. Check it out below or by searching ‘Lingogo’ on Spotify or iTunes. You’ll find a new episode every Monday!

If the podcast feels a little fast don’t forget you can also read and listen to these stories at your own pace with with English translations via the free Lingogo app.

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#1 Ana Series // He Tutūnga Puehu i te Whānau // A Disturbance in the Family

Lara and Matt's cousin, Ana, is coming to stay for her uni year. Lara and Matt don't know much about her and the entire whānau is apprehensive about her arrival. When she finally shows up, she sure makes an impression! One thing seems certain, this cousin is about to change everything.


#2 Ana Series // Tūtaki Mai ki te Whānau // Meet the Whānau

Tensions fly as family members adjust to Ana's presence. Lara is over-excited as per usual, Pop’s getting very emotional which makes Matt a tad jealous. Ted’s taking it all in his stride like he does and Allie is being less than welcoming for some reason. As for Ana? She feels like she’s on an entirely different planet! Everybody (including Ana) wonders how she is going to fit in.

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#3 Ana Series // Me Whakatā, ka Tika // Take the Day Off

Matt, Chin, and Ana hit the beach. While the boys surf Ana goes exploring and finds a gift for the whānau. But it isn’t appreciated the way she imagined. In fact, they don’t even want to put it in the car. The differences between Ana and her Auckland whānau are starting to build up. Is it all going to be too much?

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#4 Ana Series // Te Kanikani Kaipūhanga // The Engineers’ Ball

Lara and her mum, Allie, make a big fuss of Ana's Ball. She tells them it's no big deal but on the inside she's a little bit more excited than she's letting on. Meanwhile, Matt's not sure her date has the best intentions... he holds his tongue but is it the right decision? You'll see.

*More podcast stories in Māori, Spanish, French and German coming so so soon.