Motivate, engage, and help
your students retain more

with a Lingogo School Subscription

Lingogo is based on tried and true learning theories to get your students applying their knowledge so they can become lesson-loving, language-retaining, fluency machines.
And hey, even if language learning isn’t entirely their thing, at least they’ll like the stories.

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Free Māori subscriptions coming very soon.
Abso-bloomin-lutely free.

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Annual subscriptions cost $250 for up to 50 students, $300 for more.
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How do school subscriptions work?

Lingogo is available on iPhones, iPads, android phones and tablets making it perfect for SSR, library periods, or easy homework.

  1. Sign up for a free trial and we’ll send you a unique code with instructions

  2. Download the free Lingogo app on school devices and/or get students to download it free on their own personal devices.

  3. Log in once with the code we sent you.

  4. You’re in! You and your students can enjoy Lingogo whenever wherever. We’ll send you posters and activity ideas and always be on hand for tech support.

Teacher feedback

"I really like the screenie present at the end of each story. That got me (it is still my lock screen!), students will love that feature."

"I have found the app really straightforward to use. The little pop-up instructions make it very user friendly and the layout is logical.”

“Lingogo makes reading in a foreign language more enjoyable for a couple of reasons: 1. reading interesting, age appropriate stories (rather than fairy tales/kids' books) and 2. the translation and spoken Spanish function. I remember when I was in the early stages of learning Spanish I was sometimes put off reading longer texts because I was having to reach for the dictionary every couple of words."


Māori, German, French and more languages coming soon.