Why does Lingogo Work?

Studies show that reading and listening for pleasure in your target
language is the most powerful tool to develop fluency in language education.


 What doesn’t work

  • Traditional language learning - consciously learning grammar and rules.

  • Boring content and structured dialogues.

  • Stressful learning environments.

  • Memorisation, grammar drills, flash cards, text books.

What works

  • Language acquisition - picking up a language naturally through meaningful interactions.

  • Entertaining stories.

  • Anxiety free learning environments.

  • Comprehensible input + challenges.


*Based on world leading research by renowned linguist, and educational researcher, Professor Steven Krashen (specifically his widely celebrated theories of second language acquisition including ‘comprehensible input hyopthesis’.)

**We love BOTH language learning and language acquisition. We’re just highlighting the importance of acquisition for fluency.