Get Fluent

with the unparalleled power of really good stories.


Human-crafted translations

Native-speaker audio

Suits all levels

Proven methodology


Save time, money, and effort! Learn your target language
through the most powerful tool in language education
- reading and listening for pleasure.


Struggling to achieve real, lasting fluency?

It happens to all of us…

  • Putting in the work but not seeing results?

  • Getting weighed down by grammar?

  • Know bits and pieces but struggle to pull it all together?

  • Sometimes feel lessons go in on ear out the other?

  • Finding it difficult to stay motivated?

  • Nowhere to use your target language outside class?


How does Lingogo work?

The Lingogo app is a constantly updated library of riveting stories with
interactive tools to help learners of all levels nail their fluency goals.


Stories appear in your target language.


Tap any sentence for interactive translation and audio options.


When you’re ready, listen via podcast or with scroll-along text.

  • Human translations with notes

  • Native speaker audio narration

  • Beautiful screensaver rewards

  • Dictionary for single word translations

  • Easy access whenever, wherever

  • Unique and entertaining stories



Why does Lingogo Work?

Studies show that reading and listening for pleasure in your target
language is the most powerful tool to develop fluency in language education.


 What doesn’t work

  • Traditional language learning - consciously learning grammar and rules.

  • Boring content and structured dialogues.

  • Stressful learning environments.

  • Memorisation, grammar drills, flash cards, text books.

What works

  • Language acquisition - picking up a language naturally through meaningful interactions.

  • Entertaining stories.

  • Anxiety free learning environments.

  • Comprehensible input + challenges.


*Based on world leading research by renowned linguist, and educational researcher, Professor Steven Krashen (specifically his widely celebrated theories of second language acquisition including ‘comprehensible input hyopthesis’.)

**We love BOTH language learning and language acquisition. We’re just highlighting the importance of acquisition for fluency.

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Don’t waste any more time, effort and money on a dead-end language learning routine that doesn’t include reading and listening for pleasure.

Lingogo is available for iPhones, iPads, android phones and tablets.

Stories are in Spanish and Māori with English subtitles. French and German coming super soon.