Absolutely entertaining, retention-boosting dual-language stories to help you nail your fluency goals.

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  • Stop wasting time, money, and effort learning info that goes in one ear and out the other

  • Avoid the drain of endless review exercises and fly ahead instead

  • Get instant rewards and see tangible progress as you understand more of each story

  • Enjoy the perks of digital, like audio and in-built dictionaries!

  • Escape the daily grind with exotic escapes at the time and place that suits you

  • Read fun, modern stories (forget the outdated texts and fairytales)


Want to retain more of your target language?

Lingogo is a fun and easy way to use your target language after class, duolingo sessions, and those dinner table lessons with your Mexican mother-in-law so you don’t lose it.


How does Lingogo boost retention?


Our fresh and entertaining storylines make you want to pick them up.


You enjoy reading and listening in a safe and supported environment.


Just like that you’re applying your target language in context.


Finishing a story makes you feel (rightfully) proud and keeps you coming back.


Kia ora / Hola solid long lasting fluency!



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Lingogo is available for iPhones, iPads, android phones and tablets.

Stories are in Spanish with English subtitles. French, German and Māori coming super soon.